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As Zty Health Tourism Company, we provide patient organizations from all countries in the world, especially Turkey, in the aesthetic surgery field, according to international standards. We cooperate with elite and experienced physicians who are accredited in A class hospitals in the field of Hair Transplant.

We are growing in every year with the trust, quality service and reasonable price policy we give to our patients whom we host in Istanbul, from many countries, especially European countries.

With a dynamic and experienced team, we know what you want and with “Everything should be as you want” understanding, we continue to provide friendly service to you.

From the moment you first stepped to Istanbul, you will find our  Zty Health Assistant next to you. Our assistants that will be with you during your transportation, accommodation and treatment will be your both interpreter and companion. Thanks to our assistants who know Italian, German, English, French and Arabic, you will not have any communication problems.

In order to provide a special night for our patients after the operation, we organize dinner in a special place where they can see Istanbul in all its magnificence. It is a part of our business to leave a sweet memory with a nice meal with light music.

Accommodation – Hotel

As Zty Health Tourism Company, we create awareness in hotel service. With our Five Star Hotel choices, we consider the comfort of our valuable patients and try to keep the distance between the hospital and the hotel short.

  • Conner Suit-3
  • Corner Suit
  • corner suite-2
  • Dublex Deluxe Suite
  • Dublex Deluxe Suite-2
  • Jacuzzi Suite With Terrace
  • Jacuzzi Suite With Terrace-2
  • Junier Jacuzzi Suite
  • Junier Jacuzzi Suite-2
  • Loft Jacuzzi Suite
  • Loft Jacuzzi Suite-2
  • Loft Suit
  • One Bedroom Suite
  • Presidential Suite
  • Presidential Suite-2
  • Two Bedroom Suit


You may be taken with our Zty Health vehicle  from the airport or your location, according to your schedule, you may be placed directly in your hotel, you may have a meeting with your doctor or you may be left to any travel center. Zty Health vehicles will provide all your transportation within your program.



Turkey to which we have agreed to our incoming patients for cosmetic surgery + we perform surgery in hospitals.

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  • Zty_Hastane_2
  • Zty_Hastane_3
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  • Zty_Hastane_9
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