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TThe secret to our success is always hidden in our efforts to be a dedicated, disciplined and professional team.

 ‘’As a result, our team is able to understand you and your desires very well and ensure customer satisfaction with the help of accurate planning, accurate timing and accurate operation. ” Hair Transplant Turkey “


About Hair Transplant 

All knowledge of “Hair Transplant in Turkey” is given in information form. If you want to ask another questions, please contact our assistant from our WhatsApp number.

Operation DurationOperation
6-10 Hours
Total ProcessTotal Process4 Days
Operation RisksOperation RisksThere is no risk.
full recoveryFull Recovery 5 – 12 Months
Who can makeWho Can MakeAny Person Who is Over 18
and Does Not Have Any Sickness
Success RateSuccess Rate%95
Does it require againNeed to be repeated?No need to be repeated.

Before and After Hair Transplantation

TTo see “before-after” photos of patients who have already had hair transplantation, please fill out the form below.

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Turkey Popular Hair Transplantation Operations

Zty Health Tourism welcomes patients from both Turkey and foreign countries in the best way and we provide them with services according to their needs.

We bring our guests and our hair transplantation experts together in Istanbul and provide them with customized services in hair transplantation, beard transplantation and mustache transplantation.

We are pleased to be with you from the beginning to the end of your operations and to see you as a part of our family.

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Zty Health Patient Reviews

Reasons to choose us and according to theEuropean conditions they describe the advantages being surgery in Turkey.

I came from Egypt. My friend came here before for hair transplantation and he chose ZTY Sağlık.

Therefore, I chose you and I am really pleased now.

It seems very natural, exactly what I want.

Muhammed, Egypt

I decided to hair transplant.  I found you on the Internet and my choosing reason you is you seem like reliable. I’m very satisfied for choose you and also happy to come to Turkey for hair transplant. Your team interested in me very well and the result was exactly what I wanted.

Thanks Zty Sağlık.

Abdussamed, Saudi Arabia

I came from Germany for do hair transplant and beard cultivation. They welcomed me very well and they did their best for me.They picked me up from the airport, placed in the hotel. The doctor was very interested in me and he was an expert in his job. I am very satisfied with the result. Everyone was very good-humored and in my opinion, it gave me a completely natural result.

Maynard, Germany